EnTech has extensive experience in professional implementation of 3D laser scanning technology. 3D laser scanning coupled with BIM helps the project team to capture as-is condition of existing facilities and coordinate it with new design or renovation. EnTech offers variaty of 3D laser scanning solutions and provides a wide range of services, including scanning, point cloud data processing, as-built modeling, integrating and coordinating the new design with the as-built model.

3D laser scanning provides:

  • Accurate 3D surveying
  • Fast and automated as-built documentation of the project
  • Comprehensive record of the ongoing project/existing facility as-built condition in a virtual environment
  • Ability to independently verify the as-built models delivered by the contractors
  • Integrating and coordinating the proposed design with the existing condition
  • Avoiding reworks and project delays by accurate integration of exisiting condition into the design process
  • Accurate geometric as-built documentation for space management during operation
  • Accurate earth moving calculations
  • Comprehensive geometric as-built record of infrastructure assets
  • reliable as-is spatial information for routine facility operation and maintenance
  • Streamlined planning and coordination for infrastructure and retrofit projects

  • Perth Amboy, NJ Pump Station

    Perth Amboy, NJ Pump Station