Design Services for Bronx River Parkway Safety Improvements at East Gun Hill Road

This task order for the Bronx River Parkway provides final design services (Phases V & VI) for safety related modifications to the East Gun Hill Road northbound exit ramp and adjacent mainline, installation of a new overhead sign, and minor modifications to bridge approaches and roadways. Work during these phases include site visits, in-depth inspection of existing conditions, preparation of an Inspection Report for existing environmental issues, and procurement of permits from NYSDEC, NYCDPR, and other involved agencies. Specific tasks include pavement evaluation, design surveying and mapping, surface water quality, hazardous waste/contaminated materials site assessment and remediation plan, asbestos assessment (including sampling, testing, and abatement removal design), cost estimating, advanced detailed plans (ADPs), detailed highway design, final plans, specs, and estimates, and project reporting and coordination.



 New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT)


Key Services

  • Environmental Investigation
  • Asbestos Survey
  • Soil Sampling/Testing

Project Description

EnTech’s role on this task, as a sub-consultant to URS, consists of preparing the soil sampling plan for hazardous waste and contaminated materials, performing the soil investigation effort (soil sampling and testing), conducting the asbestos survey, and preparation and submittal of the Hazardous Waste/Contaminated Materials Detailed Site Investigation Report.