3D Laser Survey and as-built modeling Services – Perth Amboy Pump Station - Structures Upgrades, Perth Amboy, New Jersey

EnTech as a sub consultant to CDM Smith’s Design Team, scanned the wet well and upper room of the pump station. EnTech developed a Building Information Model (BIM) for the existing condition and provided CDM Smith with as-built 2D drawings to support the renovation design process. The scope of this assignment was to use 3D Laser Scanning and BIM to deliver a better construction product. This approach proved to improve efficiency and quality, and lower the total project cost. 3D laser scanning offered a comprehensive record of the wet well as-built geometry, for which no as-built document was available. Due to the change of water level in the wet well, there is a limited access to the site for field as-built measurement and verification. Hence, 3D laser scanning helped the design team to capture the as-built conditions in one session and use the created 3D model as a reliable source of information without any need for revisiting the site.