BIM Services and 3D Modeling – USMA Science Center Building Renovation Phase II, West Point, NY

This $105 million project is the second and final phase, of the West Point Science Center renovation project. This project involves the renovation and upgrade of the school’s old library, which was replaced by the new Jefferson Hall Library and Learning Center in 2009, and physically combining it with a renovated and upgraded historic Bartlett Hall to create a modern science center. The Phase 2 contract is for the renovation and upgrade of the school’s science building Bartlett Hall. Part of Bartlett Hall was first completed in 1914 and the building is on the National Register of Historic Places. The interior will be completely renovated and new classrooms, laboratories and administrative areas will be built. The renovation also includes a complete upgrade of the historic structure, ranging from handicapped accessibility to meeting security and fire safety standards. The renovated Bartlett Hall and the adjacent old library will become one expanded and modernized science center with more than 300,000 sq ft for the school’s biology, chemistry and physics programs and more.

EnTech, as a subconsultant to the R.A.M.S. Mechanical Inc., provided building information modeling (BIM) coordination services. EnTech BIM team verified the accuracy of the delivered design model using 3D laser scanning and reported the inconsistencies to the owner and the contractor. The scope of work included performing clash detection between the mechanical model and other trades (e.g. structural) and coordinating with the project team (design team, contractor, and the mechanical subcontractor) on how to resolve the issues. EnTech updated the BIM mechanical model per as-built construction drawings. Based on submitted information EnTech coordinated with the manufactures to receive the specifications of the MEP equipment and linked them to the updated model. EnTech BIM team participated in the BIM coordination meetings that were held weekly.