Preliminary and Final Design Services for the Reconstruction of the Tillary Street Area, Brooklyn, NY

Tillary Street is a high-volume urban arterial located at the entrance/exit of the Brooklyn Bridge in the Borough of Brooklyn. The intersection of Tillary Street and Adams Street, at the entrance to the bridge, is a major traffi c center for vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians; this project aims to rebuild this area and other portions of Tillary Street in order to provide a safe and welcoming gateway into the Borough of Brooklyn. The portion of Tillary Street between Cadman Plaza and Prince Street is being redesigned as part of a multi-million dollar capital reconstruction project aiming to improve street geometry, provide safer traffi c conditions, and create a safe and friendly atmosphere for pedestrians and cyclists along this busy thoroughfare. The project involves complete street reconstruction, utility relocation, landscaping, and urban design. The NYCDDC are looking to implement green infrastructure design to promote environmentallyconscious construction techniques and enhance the stormwater management in the project area.

EnTech is a subconsultant to the Michael Baker Engineering design team. EnTech is providing preliminary and fi nal design engineering services, geotechnical engineering and oversight, Vault Program Investigations, Sidewalk Cellar Door Inventory, and review of the Construction Staging and Maintenance and Protection of Traffi c (MPT) plans. EnTech is preparing the subsurface exploration program, which includes preparation of the scope of work for the boring operations and the boring location plans, soliciting and evaluating bids from NYCDDC-approved boring contractors, providing site inspection and oversight during boring operations, obtaining and review the soil sampling results, and preparing a geotechnical investigation report to aid in the design of the infrastructure improvements in the project area. The Vault Program investigations consist of EnTech’s personnel researching and obtaining the property records from the New York City Department of Buildings in order to compile preliminary information regarding the existing of subsurface vaults in the project area. In order to eliminate the possible impact of construction activities on the existing vaults in the project area.