Construction Inspection - Construction Management - Route 9A Corridor Reconstruction Project, New York, NY

The reconstruction of Route 9A and West Street are to restore the functionality of Route 9A sections destroyed or damaged in September 11, 2001. The project is to improve pedestrian movements, provide setting for the National 911 Memorial, and support economic recovery of Lower Manhattan. The reconstruction will restore 4NB and 4SB. The roadway alignment will be shifted to the west and the profile will be raised to meet the proposed grades of the World Trade Center Memorial (WTCM). The construction of an urban promenade with granite pavement and landscape planting is included under this contract. The removal of the Vesey Street Bridge and modification of Rector Street and Liberty Street Bridges are part of this project. Additional elements of work include relocation/ alteration/ installation of water mains, Con Edison and ECS facilities, street lighting, traffic signals, ITS system, and modification of the lighting and promenade pavement between Battery Place and West Thames Street.

EnTech is a subconsultant to STV/URS JV Construction Management Team. EnTech’s responsibilities include OSHA and environmental compliance, MPT, construction inspection, and coordination with the involved parties. EnTech has provided asbestos and lead abatement oversight, environmental monitoring, asbestos bulk sampling, and air monitoring during asbestos and lead abatement activities. EnTech is responsible for Environmental Performance Commitment (EPC) of this project, which is a joint commitment of agencies (MTA, PANYNJ, NYCDOT, LMDC, and NYSDOT) involved in the redevelopment of Lower Manhattan and World Trade Center Site Projects. This task requires the review of the environmental aspects of the NYSDOT-9A project, preparation of QA/QC report and compliance reports, and environmental monitoring as required.